Break me???

April 2009 wheat and cloudsI couldn’t sing it at church last Sunday morning…those praise songs with the words “break me…break my heart…”  what are we thinking?  The past few years for Tom and I have been times of serious pruning…deep pruning.  And never, NEVER, EVER again will I ask Him to break me.  How flippant and arrogant we have become.

This past week I have been mulling over this, and looking more deeply into this to make sure I am thinking correctly: that our God is a consuming fire.  Loving – yes, of course.  But this whole idea of asking Him to break you?  Do you think He will answer that by turning up at your door with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates?

I used Strong’s Concordance to see if there ever was a prayer asking God to “break me.”  Never,  Nowhere.  Not surprisingly the word is used by Job frequently – but NEVER as a request!

Job 13:25: “Will You break (harass, frighten, dread, fear shake terribly) a poor helpless leaf driven to and fro, and will You pursue the chaff of the dry stubble?”

Do you really want that to happen to you??

or Job 19:10: He has broken me down on every side, and I am gone; my hope has He pulled up like a tree.”  Did you see the footage of the Oklahoma tornado? Trees being pulled up?  the violent, deadly, horrifying power that ripped trees from their roots?

This really does matter, I think.  I just wonder if in our current culture, we have become “too familiar” with God.  And this is dangerous on several levels.  If we don’t see Him as He truly is, we will have little appreciation or gratitude for how He “restrains Himself” when dealing with us.  His mercy will become cheapened if we have cheapened His awesome and terrifying power.

David experienced His “breaking”, after Bathsheba, and wrote about it in Ps. 51. Do you want THAT?

Aren’t you GLAD He promises “A bruised reed He will not break.”?  Isn’t His bruising enough?

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