Weakness Triumphs!

THEN it was time for the game.

“What does the elephant say?” asked Mother.

“Triumph! Triumph!” they shouted, brandishing their arms as trunks and stamping around the bedroom.

“And what is the only thing an elephant is afraid of?” she said.

“A mousie!” they all cried together.

“And what does the mousie say?”

“Weakness! Weakness! Weakness!” they squeaked, scrabbling about with tiny steps and twitching noses…

“So who is the stronger, the elephant or the mousie?” Mother asked.

“The mousie!” they shouted again.

“And the elephant trumpets triumph, but the mousei sayd – “

“Weakness! Weakness! Weakness!” until they fell about laughing…

Mother said they needed to learn while they were still young that the two words belonged together…”

From The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy



And when it seems no chance nor change

From grief can set me free,

Hope finds its strength in helplessness,

And patient waits on thee…”


“THE TRUTH IS that self-sufficiency is a myth perpetuated by pride and temporary success…Rejoice in your insufficiency…”

Jesus Calling

I don’t think I have ever been so aware of my inadequacies apart from the Lord.  It’s as if He has hand-crafted my particular trials to force me into an attitude of minute by minute dependence.  Truly, I can do nothing on my own.


This is a patch of dirt which we have been vainly trying to turn into grass.  And despite Tom researching seed, tilling with borrowed tiller, laboring to spread seed freely and evenly, we can do nothing to make it grow.  In fact, each time I look out the window it mocks me, reminding me that God is the giver of growth, and not man.  And so we pray.  With growing grass, we pray and ask the Grower to do His thing and grow grass.  We can’t even make grass grow…

And the word picture He has so graciously given me reminds me that this is the case with my own life as well.  And can I just say it?  I don’t like being dependent.  And can I say it even more truthfully?  I don’t like being dependent upon Him.  I guess there still is sufficient arrogance to think that I could do fairly well independently of Him – otherwise, wouldn’t I welcome dependence?

window box pansies

Panises.  Grown by God elsewhere,  that I bought on clearance at Lowe’s and plunked into our windowboxes.  This is how I want to be!  Vibrant, joy faces straining upwards giving thanks to their Giver of Life!

Well, no temptation is uncommon.  I wonder what is your area of weakness?  do you think it possible that He could in His grace bring us to the place where we thank Him for our particular weaknesses, realizing that weakness can and will triumph?

close up pansies

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