“You cannot prevent His loving you…”

Lydia tutu ribbon Guate 2004

Lydia full of wonder – Guatemala days…


In our age of evangelicalism and its emphasis on the “how-tos”, whether it is how to grow a church or how  to pray or how to conquer fear or how to run in faith, it becomes too easy for me to lose the true perspective – that I am not the  one carrying the brunt of my relationship with God.  It is HIS job, not mine.  Thank God for that.  If I believed in resolutions, which I don’t, my one resolution would be  to stop thinking that God will unfriend me because of my poor performance.  He can’t.  He may have been helpless while in the manger, but that was the last time we see Him helpless.  He isn’t in the manger anymore, and He has me covered.

“YOU, by your persistent adherence to the paltry present,

the material,

the visible,

the selfish,

have reared up a wall against the windows of your soul that look heavenwards;

and of God,

and all the lofty starry realities that cluster round Him,

you are as unconscious as the corpse upon its bier…


That Divine Love of the Divine Father

bends down over His dead children and cherishes them still.

Oh!  You can do much in separating yourselves from God

through selfishness, self-will, sensuality,



Surely a mercy which refuses to be provoked seventy times seven transgressions in an hour, not to say a  day, is rich!!”

                                                                                                                                 Alexander Mac Laren, commentary on Ephesians

Isn’t that a great sentence? “…by your persistent adherence to the paltry present”??

I know what some of your “paltry presents” look like, which really are quite awful, and why it is so hard to tear your eyes and senses off that one little reality to this much bigger Reality.  This will keep you sane and breathing…and maybe help you even a bit to tap into the wonder of His Love and Mercy FOR YOU… He really does have the paltry present covered. You can let go of your worries about it, really you can.

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