Hand picked…

Remember this,

had any other condition been better for you than the one you are in,

Divine Love would have put you there.

You are placed by God

in the most suitable circumstances…

Be content with such things as you have,

since the Lord has ordered ALL things for your good….”

The story is told of a man who felt buried under the pressure and weight of his cross.  He cried out to God daily and asked for relief.  One day God answered him: He took him to a large room full of all sizes of crosses; many larger than life, all weathered and full of thorns, and told the man he could pick his cross.   The man spied one very tiny cross in the back of the room, alone in a corner, so small that is could hardly be called a cross.  “O Lord, I could handle that cross.  I would do so much better if I could have that one instead of the one I have been carrying.”  God looked at him and laughed, “Child of Mine, that is the cross you have been carrying!”

Take up your own daily cross; it is the burden best suited for your shoulder,

and WILL PROVE most effective to make you perfect in every good work and word.

DOWN busy self and proud impatience,

it is not for you to choose,

but for the Lord of love!!”

The truth is that our exact condition – our EXACT condition – our afflictions, our frames of mind, our circumstances, are the best for us.  They will not be avoided by more exercise, a low fat diet, conferences and books, diligence and self-discipline, more earnest prayer, better self-talk, etc. etc. etc.

How quickly we forget our times are in HIS Hand, not our own!!  He knows what He is doing!  And He WILL hand choose the afflictions given to you today, tomorrow, and when you are old…you are NOT at the mercy of your physical health, your mental health, your mistakes in parenting, your emotional health, your parents, your boss, your circumstances, finances, your spouse, your children, or anything else!

We MUST remember this.   Now!  Here!  Do not give in to those other thoughts.  This is needed balm for you!  He will be by our side as much tomorrow as today, His Hand just as involved in ordering ALL things in your lives…


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