He is jealous for you…

“Did He not buy you with His own blood?

He cannot endure 

that you should think

that you are your own…”         Spurgeon

I read those words over and over…Am I not my own?  No, I am not.  I am not!  Say it out loud, “I am NOT my own!”

We cannot thwart Him in His plans for us…

We cannot thwart Him as He works our very own frames into a beautiful vibrant woman of grace.

He is very jealous of your trust.  He will not permit you to trust in an arm of flesh (even my own)

When we lean on Him, He is glad, but

When we transfer our dependence to another,

when we rely on our own wisdom…

Worst of all when we trust in any works of our own

He is displeased…”

I get into trouble when I rely on my own wisdom.  When I rely on my own feelings.  He will not permit us to trust in an arm of flesh – EVEN OUR OWN – ESPECIALLY not our own, I think…

I ask Him today, “O Lord!  All I ask is that You have Your way with me!  Please!”

He leans back His head and laughs…”Do you think it is even remotely possible I wouldn’t have My way with you?”


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