“Sense disturbs, faith alone beholds…”

“FAITH IS THE SIGHT of the soul, and it is far better that the sight of the senses.  It is more direct.  My eye does not touch what I look at….  But my faith is not only eye, but hand, and not only beholds, but grasps, and comes into contact with that to which it is directed.  It is far more clear.  Sense may deceive; faith built upon his Word cannot deceive.  I have better reason for believing in Jesus Christ that I have for believing in the things that I touch and handle….  the vision of Christ which is granted to the faithful soul is better and not worse, more and not less, other in kind indeed, but loftier in degree too, than that which was granted to the men who saw Him upon earth.  Sense disturbs, faith alone beholds…”

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