Little Bo Peep, kind of

Poor little one-

Her heart had run

And she didn’t know where to find it.

She left it alone

But it didn’t come home

Wagging its smile behind it.


When one lives by sight

With all of ones might

Illusions fly thick in ones face.

Believe them she did,

So truth deep was hid

And feelings soon conquered first place.


“Momentary” “Light ” troubles?

Oh no! Not at all!

“These troubles will surely not end!”

And deeper she sank

Into spaces so rank

Where bruised reeds will break not just bend.


“Troubles bring glory

Far outweighing all?

Suffering , endurance then hope?”

Well, this is not seen

And surely not felt;

To hold on, one must feel the rope.


“Today’s troubles”, Paul said

“Are not worth comparing”;

Compare them she did and she saw

As she looked round about

O! Such pain shouted out!

And conclusions from this she did draw.


Ignore truth she did

And as a result

Her heart, needing truth, ran away;

For walking by sight

With all of ones might

Means worry, and no time to pray.


And the more that she looked

The less that it took

To convince her God’s way had it’s flaws;

Something close to despair

Seemed to creep up and tear

And grasp her poor beating heart with it’s jaws.


BUT O! The Good Shepherd

Who seeks out and finds

Wand’ring hearts that have lost their way;

Erring hearts, just like sheep

Need the Shepherd to keep

Them on many a cold windy day.


And O! The Good Shepherd

Who never can fail!

He rescued that sad, erring heart,

and cradled it home

To no longer roam

Amongst feelings that lied from the start.


For He IS our Shepherd!

He promises us!

That one day soon faith will be sight –

And then we will see

Yes! Yes! Faithful was He

Those burdens were short-lived and light.


And in His grand plan

Where He –  this God-Man

Will  bring back a wandering heart

And Love wins always

Tho long seemed the days

That sight would keep them apart.











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