What to do if you think you’re bewitched

“Here is some great sweep of rolling country, perhaps a Highland moor: the little tarns on it are grey and cold, the vegetation is gloomy and dark, dreariness is over all the scene, because there  is a great pall of cloud drawn beneath the  blue.  BUT the sun pierces with his lances through the grey,  and crumples up the mists, and sends them flying beneath the horizon.  Then what a change in the landscape!  The tarns that looked black and wicked are now infantile in their innocent blue and sunny gladness…and all the heather burns with the  sunshine that falls on it.  

So my lonely doleful life,

if that light is from God,

the beam of  His love shines down upon it,  

rises into nobility, and flashes into beauty,

and is Calm and Fair and Great,

as Nothing Else  can make it.

                                                                                       Alexander Maclaren 

IT  IS NOT  the landscape of your life that is the problem!!  It’s NOT  the landscape of your life that is dark and dreary –  it’s  the clouds and darkness that make it look so!   You will be able to see that once again when the sun pierces  through the clouds!  The landscape is fine!! It’s just  how is  looks in the dreary no sun days … When the sun p ierces through,  you will see  that the landscape of your life right now is Delightful!

Think, beloved, THINK!!  Think on the times the sun HAS pierced through and  you have been able to see how delightful it has been.   Actually, each day  I bet at least once the sun pierces through the cloud somewhere, and a ray of light illuminates a small  piece which before looked dreary, and not  beautiful –  yet when that ray hits it, that very thing is now “infantile in its sunny blue and gladness!”

O, wait, and wait some more!  You aren’t imagining things –  it’s just that you can’t use your eyes of sight right now…wait  and look with your  eyes of faith.   Remember the  times you have seen this same landscape  and  it was sunny blue and gladness…stand firm in His grace and wait for Him, the Son,  who WILL come and will ride on those clouds and you will laugh and laugh and the earth will explode with gladness…

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