Stand firm…

La Jolla Cove, May 2012 visit to Dad’s

Romans 5:2  ...the grace in which ye  stand…

Galatians  6:1  STAND FIRM, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again...

“Resistance and stability are implied in the words.  One very important item in determining a man’s power of resistance, and of standing firm against whatever assaults may be hurled against him,  is the sort of footing he has...”(in my own words: at that point, whether you slip or not has less to do with you and more to do with the object you are standing on.)

Is your foot planted on Him?

“And how does a man plant his  foot on the grace of God? Simply by trusting in God, and not in himself…Jesus  Christ brings to us…stability which will check the vacillations of our own hearts.  We go up and down, we yield when pressure is brought to bear against us, we are carried off our feet often by the sudden swirl of the stream, and the fitful blast of the wind.  But His grace comes in, and will make us able (NOTE: His  GRACE makes us able, we d on’t make ourselves able) to stand against all assaults…”

What I take away from this:

1.  I am fickle (no duh).  That’s  o.k., He knew I would be this way.

2.  My feelings and moods, even perceptions, will go up and down and vacillate and I can even be carried off by a blast of the wind,  BUT

3.  He is STEADFAST and IMMOVABLE.  I will not fall as I am standing on Him, and He  doesn’t fall.  Ever.  He is the hand holding the kite string and although  I am dipping and bobbing and am completely out of control in my estimation,  He  remains firm.

He is the ice protecting me from the murky depths of suffocation underneath a frozen lake.   My safety has nothing to do with how much faith I have –  it has to do with how  thick the ice is.  All the faith in the world will not protect me from breaking through the ice and sinking to the bottom if the ice is thin.  The littlest faith in the world WILL protect me if the ice is STRONG.  If I am on strong ice, I can jump up and down,  or fret and fear and tiptoe gently and hold my breath, and it doesn’t affect my safety.  Standing firm is  trusting His  safety and sureness,  therefore I am  in a good place.

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