Lift up your hands…

sun, swimming, Maggie and I laying head to head to warm up, lets  try to make a heart (harder than  you  think, upside down), much laughing and many tries…He is here in this place…lifting up our hands…

”  …grow  familiar with your burden, as if you and it were always to live together.  You will find  that when you are  no longer thinking of deliverance, God will think of it; and when you are no longer disquieted, God will be there.

Courage, I beseech you; let nothing move you.  It is still night, but the day approaches; yes, it will not delay.  But, meantime, let us put into practice the saying of David, “Lift up your hands to the holy places in the night, and bless the  Lord.”  Let us bless  Him with all our heart, and pray Him be our guide, our bark, and our port.”

lifting holy hands…remembering all his benefits…

Note to self: I am thinking,  as paradoxical as it  may appear,  one of the ways I can “cheat trouble” is to grow so familiar with my burden that I forget about it.  This reminds me of when we were living in Guatemala – it was not uncommon, when one left the city, to be on a road where men in machine guns would jump out and stop all the cars and rob them.  We were on our way to a lake where Tom was doing a project, and knew that there had been reports of this happening on the very road we were travelling.  Randy, one of our staff, told us how he had already thought of a response if and when this happened: to say to the gunmen “Oh, I wondered when you would show up.”  Surprisingly, this helped me during our whole time in Guatemala – I became prepared for it to happen (as much as anyone can be prepared for that type of thing).  So instead of RUNNING and PANICKING about what “might happen”, I was prepared that it probably would –  I had already gone through the whole thing with the Lord, trusting in His assurance that what He sent our way, He would give us the grace for.   And somehow even redeem it.  You see, I HAD to wrestle this out BEFORE it happened. This is SUCH a better way than the silly way of  “Well, God will never let (fill in the blank) happen.” Yes, He will, and yes, He does.  It IS night here, after all, isn’t it?

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