He IS, and will CONTINUE, to conduct you…(so cheat your troubles)

Maggie and I canoeing while camping…did you know  that when one is canoeing with a partner, the one in the back has all the power?  Maggie can paddle her wits out if she wants, and try desperately to go in one direction, but the person in the back has a paddle that can also act as a rudder…and the canoe WILL go in the direction that the person in the back wants it to…

Oh, might  it please God that we should little regard the course of the way we tread,  and have our eyes fixed on Him who conducts us, and on the blessed country to which it leads!   What should it matter to us whether it is by the deserts or by the meadows we go, if God is with us and we go into Paradise?  Trust me, I pray you, cheat your trouble all you can: if you feel it, at  least do not look at it, for the sight will give you more fear of it than the feeling will give you pain… .  I think you dwell a little too much on the consideration of your trouble.”

from the letters  of St. Francis de Sales

Tom and Lydia and Rich cheating their troubles – I, on the other hand, stayed in the canoe and DID “look at it”, which DID “give me more fear than the feeling will give you pain”.  O, how I want to grow in cheating my troubles!  I want to whoop and holler and dive into His  grace (just not literally, here)

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