bloom where He plants  you…yes, you can.

“The fact is, in a  word, that we want to serve God, but after our will, and not after His….We are not to choose at our own will.  We must wish what God wishes; and if God wishes me to serve Him in one thing, I ought not to wish to serve Him  in another..

We must consider that there is no vocation that has not its irksome aspects, its bitternesses, and disgusts.  And what is more,  except for those who are fully accepting to the will of God, each would willingly change his condition for that of others… .  Whence comes this general disquietude of souls, if not from a certain dislike of constraint and a perversity of spirit that makes us think each one is better off than we?

…A person who has not the fever of self-will is satisfied with everything, provided that God  is served.  He cares  not in what capacity God employs  him,  provided he does the divine will.  It i s all one to Him…

We do not have to carry the cross of others, but  our own…”I should like this or that”; “I should be better used here or there.”: those are temptations.  Our Lord knows well what He does.  Let us do what He wills; let us stay where He has placed us.

Think often that all we do has its true value from our conformity with the will of God, so that …if I do it because it is the will of God for me to do it, I am more agreeable to God than if I suffer death without that intention.

I would wish you  often, during the day, to ask God to give you love of your vocation (or circumstances,  etc.), and  to say like  St. Paul , “Lord, what will  You have m  to do?”…  And coming to that particular thing that troubles you, say “Will You that I do such a thing?  Ah! Lord, although  I am not worthy to do it, I will do it most willingly,” and thus you humble yourself…Oh! What a treasure you will gain!  One greater, without doubt, than you can imagine…

For the rest, know that my spirit is all yours.   God knows if ever I forget you, or your whole family, in my weak prayers; I have you deeply graven in my soul.  May God be your heart and your life!”

from Thy Will Be Done: letters to persons in the world…..letters of St. Francis de Sales

I could choose to meet every day and event this way, couldn’t I?  Yes, I think I can…

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