Ecclesiastes 3:11 and my giving God a cooking lesson…

behind our house  

Ecclesiastes 3:11  He has made EVERYTHING beautiful in its time.

Well, I suppose “everything” means…everything.

Every second of my life.

Every worry.

Every hard conversation.

Every bad thing I know I caused.

Every bad thing I know ______caused.

Every disease sin caused.

Every tearful good-bye

Every “Oh no, not them” hello

Everything bitter…

Everything means everything.

Now, if God would just tweak one little thing, and please, take out the next part, o.k.?

The part that says,ALSO He has put eternity into their  hearts, EXCEPT  THAT no one can find out the work that God does from beginning  to end.”

There’s the rub, isn’t  it?  “Nothing in post-Fall time can bring them complete satisfaction.” (MacArthur).  O.k., I can handle that – who doesn’t experience that every single second of every day?  But here’s the part I don’t like:

We can’t  figure out the “how?” or “when?” God will turn those “everythings”- those every single  things – into good.  And frequently, we can’t even see or feel or sense “the work God does” in bringing this to pass.

Here’s the deal – we have eternity in our hearts – we know, or somehow in the back of our mind,  we sense we were created for Eden,  and this certainly ain’t  it.  We are told, all  throughout God’s  words to us, that He will turn all this yuk into good.

But then  He tells us we can’t even see it?  His Hand  in this?

So – does He think we can just believe all this without seeing it transform?  We taste poison but need to believe that the poison is a necessary ingredient in making triple fudge mousse chocolate cake for us to eat all the days of our lives?

It’s  almost as if – no, it IS as  if – He forces us to faith…

So.  I had a little conversation  with the Lord about this this a.m. – a little time  of  “Cooking  Class with God”

Really, Lord?  That is  how it is supposed to  work? We can’t watch You cook?


You create us.


You put eternity in our hearts.


So we can never be completely at home here – never be completely satisfied for every moment of our lives.


We can never f eel  completely 100%happy? for more than an hour or a day, I mean.


Is it wrong that I WANT to feel 100% happy?

No – but your expectation of it happening NOW is wrong.

But then, in Your mercy, You give us another reality that will sustain us when things seem and look and taste and feel so  stinkin’ awful?


And that is this truth: the absolute bedrock not shifting that You WILL make EVERYTHING beautiful in its time.


And you repeat it in the N.T. with Romans 8:28 for those who skipped Ecclesiastes in Sunday school.


But – and this is a big but, Lord.  You also make it that we “can’t find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.” ?


Really, Lord.  REALLY?? You give us a truth which is really our life raft to get through life down here – and THEN You tell us that this life raft will not LOOK or FEEL like a  life raft – we won’t be able to comprehend how in the world this thing will ever be beautiful – 


I’m just sayin’, Lord, I don’t  think I like that.

How do you think it should be, Debbie?

Well –  I’d like you to give us the bad stuff – say, 3 cups of pain and 2 cups of heartache and 1  cup of disease and 2 cups of loneliness and for those in 3rd world countries, let’s add 100 cups of hunger –  and then I’d like to  SEE  “the rest of the ingredients” that will be a dded to make this thing GOOD – Oh, and how long it will take to  cook (would higher temp. make shorter cooking time?) – and let us make it up and then of course TASTE it to see that it really turns out how it is supposed to be.

So,  Debbie.  You want to 1) first SEE exactly what my “ingredients” (plans) are, and 2) UNDERSTAND my recipe and then,  3) TASTE it  for yourself, and THEN, (be honest with yourself Debbie)  you will want to ARGUE WITH  ME about how the same thing could be accomplished with,  let’s  say, 3 c. of common cold vs. pain, 2c. of a difficult toddler instead of heartache, etc. etc.

Well, Lord, I probably WILL be asking some “Why” questions or making suggestions (respectfully, Lord)

So – you want to SEE, then SEE ALL OF IT, then SEE AND UNDERSTAND, then SEE AND ASK  QUESTIONS,  – and, be honest with yourself  here  Debbie – you really want to “dialog”, as you put it, with Me, in maybe finding a  few ingredients to substitute.

Welllll – yes.

Debbie.  You  want to walk by sight.

NO!  Oh no, Lord!   I want to GROW in my faith, but sight WILL help me grow!!

(I think You throw back your head and laugh, along with those saints who have gone before us, while the angels are  shaking their heads, amazed You are not striking me dead and ...) Debbie, you really want to re-write the definition for faith (the assurance of things  NOT seen, the perceiving of real fact what is  not revealed to  the senses).  And, so I guess you  really want to re-write My Words, and


you are skating  on very very thin  ice here –

where I just might  need to say “Get behind Me Satan”.

 Are you sure  you want to continue this conversation…?

Debbie.  I am GOOD.  I DID  NOT come to steal and destroy.

You’re going

to have

to trust ME,

because  it is IMPOSSIBLE  

for you, on your side of time,

to  step back enough to see clearly.  

You’re too close to the jagged edge of  the  picture to see it clearly.

Can you  get out of the kitchen and leave the cooking to Me,  Debbie?  Can you just be happy with the many many things that you  DO taste and ARE good?  Can you walk by faith that all the rest will become good, for everyone, in the right time?

Class over.

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