Make use of Him today…


Thou dost not make use of Christ

As thou oughtest to do.

When thou art in trouble,

why dost  thou not tell  Him all thy grief?

has He not a sympathizing heart?

Can He not be trusted?

Can He not comfort and relieve thee?

Has a sense of guilt returned?

Come to Him at once for cleansing.

Dost thou deplore thy weakness?

He is thy Strength!  Why not lean on Him??

Strip off thine own fears, and put on the robe of Jesus’ righteousness!

It was meant to wear.

There is nothing Christ dislikes more

than for his  people to make a show thing of Him and not to use Him.

 He loves to be employed by us!

    Charles Spurgeon

Praying today, dear friends, that whether it is guilt, fear, weakness,  trouble of any sort that you face today, that you  will run to Him, for He does love to be used by us – O, run to Him!

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