Please, O please do…

Please, O please do…

Lydia’s apple pie for Thanksgiving extravaganza in C.R. – We usually had 30-60 people, friends, staff, church family, etc.  Joy.


“There are promises

          Which are like grapes

                    In the wine press;

     If you tread on them,

               The juice will flow…”

                                                                    Charles Spurgeon

“Exceedingly great and precious promises…” 2 Peter 1:4


Well.  If you are not in a laboring season right now, but you are in a bringing in the harvest season, save this for another season.  But…if you ARE in a season of drought, please please read this.  Of course I am speaking to myself.  But since all temptation is common to man, I trust that this rich meal I had this morning with the Lord will feed your soul as well.

Again, Spurgeon “…if we meditate  upon the promises and consider the Promiser, we shall experience their sweetness…”

Anticipation.  Do you see  it here?  And this thought: Anticipation gives sweetness BEFORE the promise  is even fulfilled!  It lets us taste it!  This is so amazing.   Anticipation seems more “reachable” than hope – more flavorful –

Please keep with me – really, this seems childish, what I am going to say, but so what – we are SUPPOSED to be childish.  This will help, truly!

The Cupboard

I know a little cupboard

With a teeny tiny key

And there’s a jar of lollypops

For me, for me, for me…

Think on just this:

There is a little cupboard

With a teeny tiny key

That has a jar of lollypops

For you, for you, for YOU.

With all my heart I reach across time zones and continents – and take your face in my hands and whisper, “These ARE for you, for you, for YOU.”  O, whisper to yourself today, “for me, for me, for me!”

The enemy says, “ahhh, yessss, yes, there is a little cupboard, that is true, and yes, there truly is a jar of lollypops  in there, “for you, for you, for you” as you so childishly put it.  But…you must remember all of this silly poem –  the cupboard is locked, with a teeny tiny key, that you don’t have, you don’t have, you don’t have…”


O, don’t let his words rob you of tasting NOW what IS for you, for you, for you!

Tell him, the half-truth liar, the anticipation robber, THAT  YOU KNOW  WHO  HAS THE  KEY.  AND,  the  person with the key is FOR YOU, FOR  YOU, FOR YOU:


“I have a small fat grandmamma

With a very slippery knee

And she’s keeper of the cupboard

With the key, key, key


Yes, In This Case I am saying that God is like a small fat grandmamma.  The good  kind of Grandmamma.   Who lets you visit and eat jello all day long because she is so happy to have you with her.

The enemy has NO POWER over Grandmamma.  He can’t stop her from unlocking that cupboard and giving you the lollypop.  BUT he CAN (if you  let him) TAKE what will sustain you UNTIL you are given that glorious lollypop…he can rob you of the joys of anticipation…

Don’t let him do that today!  O, don’t let him!  You NEED that anticipation to sustain you in this season!


Yes, it may FEEL LIKE you are not at Grandmamma’s house – in fact, you may be living in a place where Grandmamma seems to have left with a younger man and gone on a cruise, selling her cupboard full of lollypops.

Well.  That is certainly what the robber wants you to think!

There is a cupboard.

And it is full of really yummy full of glory stickiness and flavor. 

And it is for you.

It’s just not time yet for you to have one.  Really, it isn’t.  It wouldn’t taste as good as it really is.

It’s not time yet.  BUT – the time IS COMING – and each day you are one day closer to that lollypop.


O, dear one, don’t give up the gift of anticipation!  Go ahead, imagine that lollypop in all its sticky wonder.  O, please do.

Whisper to yourself today – you don’t have to feel it to be true –

“for me,

                                 for me,

                                                               for me…”

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