A bruised reed…

A bruised reed…

“A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering (dimly burning) wick He will not quench.”(Mt. 12:20, quoting from Isaiah)


 last spring wildflower in forest behind our home

A slender bulrush, growing by the margin of some tarn or pond; its sides crushed and dented in by some outward  power…The head  is hanging by a thread, but it is not yet snapped or broken off from the stem.” (MacLaren)

To be truthful, I always feel that way.  Do you know what is so amazing about this verse?  Really, please think on this – He DOESN’T say “A bruised reed is a disgrace to Christianity…A bruised reed is bruised by its own fault…A bruised reed is simply an aberration of one’s mind…A bruised reed is a sign one hasn’t walked by faith.” NO!  He simply says “A bruised reed He will not break.” O, take encouragement from this!

I am not making this up.  Listen to Spurgeon on this verse:

God has His Samsons here and there who can pull up Gaza’s gates and carry them to the top of the hill; He has a few mighties who are lion-like men, but the majority of His people are a timid, trembling race.  They are like starlings, frightened by every passer- by; a little fearful flock.  If temptation comes, they are taken like birds in a snare; if trial threatens, they are ready to faint; their frail skiff is tossed up and down by every wave, they are weak things, without strength, without wisdom, without foresight.

Please, if you read nothing else, please read this!


weak as they are,

and because they are so weak,

they have the promise

made specially

for them.

How it opens the compassion of Jesus!

So gentle, tender, considerate!

We need  NEVER shrink back from His touch. 

We need NEVER fear a harsh word from Him…”

And so, I say, speaking truth to myself, that indeed I may think Him saying to me,

Yes, My beloved, you ARE weak and timid, taken like a bird in a snare when confronted  with temptation to fret, fear, despair, or lose  hope  in what good IS to come…You are like a starling, frightened of every passing thought; you  are often weak, without mental strength and wisdom, without foresight to  hope and yet hope again,


Weak as you are,



Have this promise

Made especially



You need never shrink back from My touch, My plans for you, My plans for those you love…You  are bruised but I WILL  NOT let you break.


Selah (pause, think on that)

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