Relishing in a Father’s pride….



Beautiful  Maggie on the very left upper back.  The choir director’s father , who is a professional conductor, directed one of the songs –  at the end during the standing ovation he raised his hands to say “This is all Him!”  Triumph, yes!

I was thinking about this after Maggie’s last spring concert with the Carolina Youth Chorale.   Before Maggie’s choir sang, there were other choirs who performed – and one choir was made up of 30 or so nervous, unsure 5 and 6 year old children.  Of course there were forgotten lines, singing off key, even crying when a solo line was forgotten.  As  soon as their performance was over, they had to patiently wait while parents clambered down the middle aisle to take photos. Finally the moment came: “Children, please leave the risers carefully and find your parents.”  Of course all their parents were already up at the front with faces shining and arms wide opened.  I exulted once again at the wonder of a child loved for who they are, not how they performed.  I rejoiced and sang inside as I watched children who thought they had failed, run to safety where they would be told over and over how perfect they did.  Maybe because our children are older now, but I find that I long for those little arms about my neck and that assurance that my child finds safety within my arms, that then is when all is right with the world.

Well, you know what I thought of.  He does, after all, call us His little children.  

O foolish child that I am, when I fear that because I missed the right notes (not keeping the laws of that song, which when followed perfectly, produce such beauty), because I got distracted and was singing lustily verse 2 when we were on verse 3…foolish that I was so taken with shame and self-reproach that I hung my head while parents  snapped photos – and now would I be even more foolish to get off the rafters and run away from my Parent, who has arms outstretched, and instead go hide in a corner, mumuring “I can’t get it right – I am so stupid!  Why can’t I sing the ode to mothering song like the rest?  the “onward Christian soldiers” and march at the same time?”.

Foolish child!  It’s the running TO His arms that takes away the errors – even more so now you need to run, run, run to Him and have  Him tell you over and over, “you did perfect!  I am so proud of you!”

Jesus kept the law for me!  He sang every note perfectly and beautifully, never missing one single movement of breath and voice.  And that is what our Father hears!  Each moment it  really is just a matter of this:  you must choose:  depend on your singing,  or depend on His.  His arms are open.  He really does love to hear your singing the songs He gives you in each season – of course  you will get much of it wrong!  Of course you will sing off key, and at times even sing the wrong song!  Why do you think He gave  us Jesus?

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