It can be just this easy…


Lydia holding baby bunny – we had many many of these and what joy – two or three years ago? Costa Rica.

Really, I think it could – I can’t IMAGINE it being that way, but I think it really could – but it would have to become a habit, which I hear takes about 70 days to make a new habit –  am I willing?  Will I even make the time to just simply READ this each day?  How hard can it be?  O, Lord, keep this in sight, keep this in sight!  Let me see and taste and long for this kind of freedom to live!

Debbie, Your job is just this.  just this.

“Order my footsteps by Thy Word

And make my heart sincere; (I like secure as well)

Let sin have no dominion, Lord,

But keep my conscience clear”


Debbie.  listen to Me.  YOUR part is to:


2.  TRUST ME to order ALL your footsteps (and the footsteps of those you love – (Do you really want to be the boss?)

3.  “In Repentance and Rest you shall be saved, in  QUIETNESS and TRUST is your strength.” (Isaiah).  Believe it.

And look how this fits : Hebrews: “Hold fast your confidence (AMP. “your original Repentance and Trust in Jesus Christ”)

He did it ALL

He DOES it all

He MUST do it all

4.  If, after these things: continually in prayer, trusting in  HIM and HIM ALONE and NOT in your puny self, your conscience is clear in a matter, go ahead and say and do what you think is right.  Quit serving fear!.. Good grief, let go!  This is absolutely ridiculous! (But now don’t make this a law – you can’t even keep this – that’s o.k., He keeps it and that’s what matters…)

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