Cumbered or communion…you must choose


(I took this two Christmases ago, in Costa Rica.  Don’t pass over it!  It has such meaning!  Notice the car?   It was such a picture of my life – wanting to have the house decorated so beautifully and meaningfully for Christmas – and here’s the kids’ car!!  Not quite the theme I wanted!  BUT  WAIT…WAIT…choose, Debbie, choose!  Which are you going to choose?  To be in the car, whizzing by, or the stable?  I can think of lots of other meanings – but that one fits for  now...) (Wait – I have to say this as well, but it has nothing to do with what I wrote – I didn’t like the car there at the time – but now?  O, my heart ACHES as I see it – Oh, what I would give for those days!  Think NOW, Debbie, Think NOW – take pictures of your days now, especially those things you don’t  like about your life right now – some day you will look back and treasure them.  Don’t miss the gifts I have for you that come packaged in frustration or disappointment!  I am the One who makes treasures out of darkness!)

Only one thing is necessary.”  That’s what You said to  Martha, Lord, and “she has chosen the better part.”  Forget about home improvement projects.  I have “Others-Improvement projects: namely, my kids, my husband, and myself.  Lord, I give up to You all my projects for the summer.  All the ways I plot and plan to grow the kids in character, industriousness, fret fret fret, imagine the worst, imagine the worst, imagine the worst.  Tell me it will be the way I want it to turn out, tell me it will be the way I want it to turn out, Lord You aren’t helping me!!!

“To draw a part from outward activity into the solitary place, and sit with  Him, is THE ONLY MEANS by which we can keep up the freshness of our own spirits, and be fit for His service.  Mary was being trained for Martha’s work when she sat at Christ’s feet,


                without being troubled and careful,

BECAUSE she was MORE  ACCUSTOMED  TO THE  WORK than to communion THAT WOULD HAVE MADE IT LIGHT. (I think it would have made her work a delight.)   – Alexander MacLaren

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