Come Away With Me into the Garden…



“The garden causeth the seeds that are sown in it to grow” Alexander  MacLaren




This makes so much sense, Lord.  Of course the place to sow seeds would be in the garden.  And buds and beauty comes from purposeful tending by the Gardener.  And your garden is so restful.  Why O why do I use it as a shortcut to get to daily life instead of letting You tend me there?  Why do I think I can be the Gardener in other’s  lives?

  I am wondering…  If I would actually stay in the garden long enough to listen to You and let You tend and nourish me, in the garden a bit longer, You might say something like this

Child  of Mine, what is that in your pocket?”

O  those, Lord?  They’re really horrid seeds.  I thought I’d hang onto them until I am out of the garden – I sure don’t want them to grow in here!

You smile.   “Child, drop them at your feet.  They can’t grow here.   The soil is too well tended.  

Lots of fear seeds.  Some worldly cares.  False treasure seeds.  See those there? They devour hope.  And there are some what-if seeds – they are joy in the present robbers.

You’ve got quite a collection.   You must have been saving them for some time.”

Um no, Lord – those are just from this morning.

You laugh, long and hearty.

I  have a song for you to learn, little one.  Remember the others I taught you, long ago?  This  is the same melody – just like “Jesus loves me.”:

Seeds, more seeds, you won’t grow!

When He says no, you can’t grow!

Scatter them into His land

And  joy will grow just as He planned.”


we sing together.  I forget the cares, the fears, the clock… they really seem so little in here.

“Are your pockets empty now, Child? Let me make sure none are clinging to you. turn round.

Oh that’s o .k., Lord.  They’ll fall off when I leave the garden –  they can join the other weeds!

That’s a garden also, little one.  That’s your garden.”

Mine? Ha!  I never planted those seeds.  No thank You!  Remember the song You just taught me? those seeds can’t grow!

“They’re worthless in My garden, little one.  But out there they are quick to do quite a bit of damage, as you can see.  The soil out there is perfect for those weeds to grow. And they hinder you, child, they choke and keep  good seeds from growing.”

But I don’t WANT that to be my garden, Lord!   

“Then stay in here, little one.”

I can’t.

“Why not?”


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