Isaiah 54:5  For your Maker is your Husband

My  Husband

    is my Maker

       He who fashioned me

             with His own heart and hands

                  knit me together in my mother’s womb

                       Loving me, taking such care and time

                                    over me

                           Rejoicing as  I was born

                               Holding me high above His Head

                                      clouds of witnesses cheering

                                            “O daughter, I am  HAPPY

                                                 you are here

                                                      And you are  Mine”

The Lord  of  Hosts

    is my Husband’s name,

       He who with only gentleness cares so carefully for me,

           He is also The Mighty One,

               Known from before time began

                   able with a glance from eyes of fire

                        to command millions

                            to strike thousands


                                     Sword in Hand,

                                          Mighty to  save,

                                                Knows and loves down to each hair on my head…

My Husband

     is my Redeemer

         who after breathnig

              His very breath

                   into me,

                        giving me life,


         as I with deep careless breath

                walked away

                     from Him


          as I filled heart

               with worse stench

                    than pig’s home


         as I

             drank deeply

                    putrid water


         when I became imprisoned


My  Husband is called

    The  God of the Whole Earth,

       Speaking time into existence

           speaking oceans

               and forests

                   and skies

                      and colours

                           and singing

        Setting wave’s boundary

            gravity’s  limit

                lightning’s  reach

                    king’s reign






Gathering me

     with great compassion

         with Everlasting Love

I am His

   and He

      is mine.

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